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Calliope 04 por Iv4n4stock by Stock-Hispano Calliope 04 por Iv4n4stock :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 0 0 Gothic 011 Por Arikami-Stock by Stock-Hispano Gothic 011 Por Arikami-Stock :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 0 0 Sam Stock 11 by Synthexstock by Stock-Hispano Sam Stock 11 by Synthexstock :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 0 0 Critica Constructiva 03 by Stock-Hispano Critica Constructiva 03 :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 2 2 Critica Constructiva 02 by Stock-Hispano Critica Constructiva 02 :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 0 4 Critica Constructiva 01 by Stock-Hispano Critica Constructiva 01 :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 1 8 Guia para un buen Stock 01 by Stock-Hispano Guia para un buen Stock 01 :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 0 3 Ink drops Brushes Synthexstock by Stock-Hispano Ink drops Brushes Synthexstock :iconstock-hispano:Stock-Hispano 4 1


From Argentina I - International Women's Day
Hi. My name is Ivana, and I am from Argentina. I really love my country, I'm very glad to have been born here! I want to show you our beauty.

International Women’s Day has become a very special day in our calendar. So, to celebrate it is my pleasure to share with you some photos of the most exquisite argentinian women!!
      Beauty .1 by hollowone :thumb28888112: Look into me by DFT :thumb40353048: :thumb41183411: :thumb44964217: :thumb42886743: VINILICA 3 by JIMENITUS Call me by elfic :thumb37665347: :thumb12471430: El Remate 01 by SadieMae LoLiTa LoOk by eViL-DoLL   :thumb48295218: Heaven's Prisioner 03 by Iv4n4stock Piano girl 2 by RodriguezVillegas :thumb41383364: Purpurina 02 by Airexplorer Belu by NicoZahlut :thumb29882264: . pretty in black . by ni-ca :thumb48650536: Yamila by CzarinaSmash :thumb45025181: :thumb49680153: :thumb28688993: :thumb9687859: :thumb48669383: Danisa 2 by CzarinaSmash :thum
:iconiv4n4:iv4n4 45 48
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 26
There is something sweet and pure about the bonds of
In this issue we explore the platonic relationship between girls and women. Take a look
Sister/Friendship Related Stocks
:thumb46468069: Sisters Stock 03 by Immortal-angel-stock :thumb47714804: :thumb47325938: :thumb48180306: Medieval Maidens 2 by foggystock Sisters.III by x--stitch-me-up Sisters 4 by Iardacil-stock Sisters Stock by Immortal-angel-stock Fancy Friends 7 by SubtlesStock I'm not sure what we're doing by PhoeebStock :thumb47325303: :thumb48180432: :thumb24374360: :thumb48180560: Sisters.II by x--stitch-me-up Sisters 5 by Iardacil-stock dana-8 by xstockx Evening Gowns 8 by foggystock fantasy people VIII by fiori-di-ofelia sister love by PhoeebStock The Lady and The Gypsy by foggystock :thumb43937522: :thumb3617453: :thumb47714957: :thumb47325355: :thumb24373451: :thumb23087907: Fancy Friends 8 by SubtlesStock Pink-White Sister pack by Nekoha-stock Purple Sister pack by Nekoha-stock Teh Crew 2 by lindowyn-stock Pouring The Tea by astrals-stock :thumb44115493:  flying-dolphin-stock493 by flying-dolphin-stock :thumb45
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 34 40
Geishas and Asian theme Stock
This is my first news article, and I don't talk english, please have patience :P
I love the geisha theme and all asian aesthetics, so I've decided to show you how many stockers have wonderful pics relating to that theme.
Enjoy it!
:thumb44251890: Samurai Geisha 02 by Captainchrisstock
:thumb34209191: mAlice-stock 115 by mAlice-stock :BlackLife geisha: by DarkBeCky-StOcK Maria Stock 2 by lilfuzz6 :thumb47941212: :thumb46998480: :thumb25165407: Chinese Dress Stock - 01 by ellenlovely-stock Chinese Empress Stock 1 by AsiaStock :thumb20130086: :thumb34774684: Chinese Wendy by Della-Stock :thumb25410770: Big Hair stock 1 by neebow-stock :thumb36493651: Stock--Chinese_New_Year_Green1 by taintedl-stock Princess Portrait 002 by zeldyn-stock
Something funny :P
Geisha Jedi1 by Stock-of-Randomness
Objects and Places
Kat Stock 316 -Japanese Swords by Kaitrosebd-Stock :thumb36941321: Chinese crafts-9 by allyekhrah-stock stock-vs-stock98 by stock-vs-stock Asian Tower Lit O2 by JadedSphnix-Stock Asian Umbrella: O1 by JadedSphnix-Stock Haw Par Villa 006 by merlion-stock Chinese Meditation Balls IV by sonicalpha Lilly pad pond flower stock by Enchantedgal-Stock Asian Tea Pot 1 by Falln-Stock Chinese knot 01 by Chinese-stock
:iconiv4n4:iv4n4 51 46
Great Portrait Stock
Are you sick of looking around the Stock Images>Model>Female>Portrait gallery and only finding crappy myspace-like pictures?
So browse these features, as these are truely art.
Striped by zeldyn-stock Redhead --3 by goddess-fleshStock :thumb47616775: 11282006stock by Magdalene-stock :thumb47561032: Kraehe Shoot 9 by ahiru-and-rue-stock :thumb47496258: :thumb47371937: :thumb47343348: :thumb47109684: Girl With Cute Curls Stock 5 by Gracies-Stock Linda 2 by Count-Monte-Cristo :thumb46744256: Lady of the Lake 03 - Stock by Iv4n4stock stocktwentytwo by brains4dinnerstock :thumb46361803: Stockterfuge: 777 by Stockterfuge Wind In Hair Portraits 5 by Gracies-Stock :thumb46274514: :thumb46243114: :thumb46241297: :thumb46221463:
And OMFG tah pwnzer, tah best stok evaaahh:
LOLOLOL <3<3<3
:iconalinepotter-stock:AlinePotter-stock 44 60
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 23
Last week we had the beautiful flowing white dresses from brides, and this week I would like to do a similar topic, ballerinas. Ballerinas are sophisticated, well trained, and devoted to their art form. Lets take a look at how ballerinas have become part of our art form on deviantART
:thumb41418009:  :thumb31835970:
Ballet Flower by mmebuterfly  :thumb5250129:
And now, for the “What The Heck” deviation of today:
Art Jam: HG and Flash Ballet by annora Pressage en Passe by cemtes
That’s why Superheroes are so fast and nimble!
Although a lot of great ballet stock has been deleted from deviantART, there is still a good amount that remains. Let’s check it out:
Octopus 11 by comfy-bed-stock :thumb42054441: .The Bird. by DanceStock PointeMeInTheRightDirection by Narcissism-stock Ballet: Fixing shoe by pun Ballet 1 by AttempteStock :th
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 43 34
se habla... by rolph se habla... :iconrolph:rolph 7 15 Guide to Stock - Part I by AttempteStock Guide to Stock - Part I :iconattemptestock:AttempteStock 1,774 423
-- Stock Up -- Vol. 21
There is no need for words this week. Let the music speak for itself!
Michelle Guitar by rmartin2819  :thumb30818185:
:thumb37417529:  Girl With Violin 4 by b-e-c-k-y-stock
:thumb43926600:  Empricism Stock - 87 by Empricism-Stock
Moonlight Sonata by Aegils  :thumb42667561:
Maestro's Muse by Foxfires  :thumb42054441:
haunting symphony by aremanvin  Black Dress 4 by AttempteStock
:thumb36668757:  :thumb24444217:
:thumb42068812:  :thumb35103152:
piano room by pootienarna :thumb17989204:
She decided to let go by neshill  Girl with Violin 2 by nekohime-stock
Cold Intensity-Alkaia by AngelaSasser  :thumb14510675:
:thumb16930597:  Piano I by sun-stock
:thumb44174503:  Girl With Violin 1 by b-e-c-k-y-stock
feel the magic of music by Gozzy  :thumb37470932:
:thumb39061109:  :thumb32633244:
Idyll by DoNotAttempt  YellowLadyHarp3 by Nekoha-stock
Gypsie Violinist by Abraxa365  gypsie music by atistatplay
:icondoubtful-della:Doubtful-Della 87 75
Stock Spotlight #2
Hello everyone! Welcome to Stock Spotlight #2</a> where we feature gems from the Stock gallery through a specific theme.
Fear is an emotion that we all possess whether we choose to display it or project it. For today's feature we are going to be showcasing Stock that will either frighten you to bits or show you how scared someone can actually be. Enjoy these!
Nightdress - Fluffy 2 by AttempteStockUnt 2 by EK-StockPhotosAbandoned Hotz Building 18 by Falln-Stock:thumb31643975:Oh No by astrals-stockDutchgirl5 by Beautifulworld-stockJodi Submissive Defense Pose by FantasyStockwookiestock:16 by wookiestockRose Red 22 by Lisajen-stockfilipestock 018 by filipestock
Well DURRRR stock tutorial by lockstock
:bulletblue: Taking Better Stock by lockstock
This tutorial is fantastic because it tells you how to take a good Stock photograph with little to know effort. The tutorials explains simple ways
:iconstock-feature:stock-feature 35 17



Comunidad Stock Hispano
Hola, bienvenidos a la primera comunidad de stock hispano.
Somos Iv4n4stock y My-Black-WidoW y queremos invitarlos a participar en este club.
Para unirse solo es necesario enviar una nota con el título: Unirse a la comunidad. Las reglas son simples:

:butterfly:  Hablar español (obvio, lol)
:butterfly:  Tener una galería con por lo menos un 30% de stock

Para unirte solo te pedimos que nos des watch, y que pongas nuestro icono (todavía no hay uno ) en tu journal, para ayudarnos a crecer. Y también que una vez dentro, participes!!

Bueno, la idea de este club, es brindarles a los hablantes de español la oportunidad de darse a conocer en el mundo stock de deviantart. Pero no se trata solo de obtener más visitas, sino también de mejorar el stock, por ejemplo. Por eso les proponemos lo siguiente: semanal o mensualmente elegiremos a un/una miembro para hacerle una entrevista.
En cuanto a subir fotos, esta es una idea que pertenece al club: :iconstockresources: Podrán enviar una foto para someterla a crítica de los miembros. Así promoveremos la participación no solo de stockers, sino también de los deviants que usan nuestro stock. La idea es también que gracias a estas críticas pueda mejorar sus fotos de stock. Quién se anima a ser nuestra primera victima??

También aceptaremos tutoriales, y cualquier tipo de recursos (brushes, texturas, etc) tanto sobre el tema específico de nuestro club, como el uso de este (por ejemplo, como borrar el fondo de una foto).

Y bueno, eso es todo por ahora!! :kiss:  



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OwnChara Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2008

Somos un club de deviantart que promueve la creación de personajes originales para gente de habla hispana.

Uds como club chileno, puede que les interese afiliarse con nosotros para crear una comunidad de clubes en español para que los miembros de ambos clubbes sepan de la existencia de los otros y participen activamente. Además de promover concursos y eventos al mismo tiempo entre los clubbes.

Les interesa una afiliación?
SiztemGfx Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2008
Saludos desde Siztem ^^ espero que podramos afiliarnos y ser unas comunidades amigas.

Saludos. Espero que os aceptéis.
BarranquillART Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2007
hey, los invito a apoyar por los que se estan dando a muerte en el Death Fight de dibujos. necesitamos su apoyo. gracias aca pueden votar:
Arzuza Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2007
Hola comunidad hispana,
Soy de colombia, ya los watchee, ya puse su link en my journal y espero unirme lo mas pronto posible...
Espero que me unan pronto y si es posible poder figurar en alguna parte de su journal o algo asi en su espacio...
Me gustaria ver la gente que esta unida al grupo y ver su arte y que la gente pueda ver el mio tambien...
como es?
LightDesigns Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2007
La comunidad de [link] ha sido movida a [link] Este mensaje se lo hacemos llegar a vosotros para mantener nuestro lazo de afiliación y sigamos con la misma, ya vosotros has sido watcheados y aparecen en nuestro journal. Suerte.
Hola, ya tenemos más stock pictures, vengan a darse una vuelta
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